Are these the 7 most important things your Project Manager needs to hear from your Project QS every week?


  • I want to check we agree what is the most project critical procurement action to be concluded this week?
  • This is what the contract says about our obligations and responsibilities relating to the key activities for this week
  • Can we discuss my list of project events to ensure we have followed correct contract notifications and procedures in each case?
  • Here is a reminder of the latest summary figures for the project on one A4 page.
  • I have been updating the cost/value forecast for the xxx works package and I would like to review it with you before it goes into the monthly report.
  • I’ve updated the latest project change register and want to ensure we both understand and agree on the root cause and full implications of each item.
  • Can we discuss which are the most important site records we must maintain this week and agree how we go about doing that?