Commercial Risk Management

Commercial Solutions in Construction

Your risk management process should be a front line management tool used pro-actively to help improve decision making, change outcomes for the better and bring benefits to the bottom line.

Steve Hardy Consulting Ltd has the experience and expertise to help and advise in the following ways;

  • Improve your decision making based on predicted outcomes
  • Understand the main root causes of commercial risk
  • Establish the key stages when risks should be identified, mitigated and dealt with
  • Identify which are the top risks to focus upon...... "the balls you cannot afford to drop"
  • Help you to model and predict likely outcomes
  • Identify early actions which may prevent/eliminate risks
  • Plan your mitigation strategies for residual risks
  • Report, manage and escalate as appropriate in an effective manner
  • Improve your commercial forecasting and contingency management

Steve Hardy Consulting does not profess expertise in complex 'monte carlo' type risk management processes or simulations. They are tools and techniques to help add structure, process and consistency to complex scenario modelling. SHC Ltd provides the experience and commercial 'know-how' to help drive the appropriate input, and interpret the outputs, using whatever tools or techniques you wish to adopt.